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Serani, Ding Dong & Bugle Show

Batabazi w/Dancehall Artist - Ding Dong

April 14 2011 is a day that will go down in Batabazi’s history as monumental. Two weeks before the show this opportunity landed in our confines, when the co-owner of Club Vybz in Maine contacted us asking about our availability. Are you kidding?  Available or not we had to make it happen and be there, rain, snow or shine.  Several of us besides being Hip Hop heads consider ourselves reggae heads. These three artists Serani, Ding Dong & Bugle have influenced our music in one way or another. Sharing the same room let alone the same stage was an honor we couldn’t pass up.

We all set off (minus Gera, who is still in Texas getting that Engineering education on!!). Lewiston, Maine is a 3 hour drive north of Boston. The night was eventful to say the least,  first, ticketed for over speeding & no seat belts (fun times!), then sitting and waiting for 3.5hours to get on stage, being treated very warmly and kindly by the club owner, watching the Club Owner gradually get uneasy as he was trying to figure out where the headliners of the night were,  very late start to the show (5 minutes before the close of the club!!). Somehow though, the club eluded the watchful eye of Lewiston’s Police and were able to stay open for 45 minutes past closing time.  Dramatic enough for ya? Despite all that it was a dope night as we rubbed shoulders with the three artists and the best part of it all was being shown respect and much love from them. To add icing to the cake it so happened Ding Dong had heard Batabazi’s music!! If that’s not humbling we don’t know what is! Whatever you wanna call it we were honored, drove back home very tired but satisfied individuals.


One response

  1. Hip Hop Nut

    hahaha looks like a fun experience. Big up Batabazi, y’all have some good music. The sky cannot be the limit keep doin your thing

    April 30, 2011 at 8:39 pm

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