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AfroMovement Mixtape Vol. 2

11.11.11 — Catchy date right? Yeah that’s what we thought too, a date that will never happen again, not like any date repeats itself but you catch the drift. This is the date that our long overdue mixtape titled “AfroMovement Mixtape Vol. 2” will be released for free online download. This is our second tape. Our first, titled “Batabazi Mixtape” was released in January 2009. The first time we ever put any of our music together. This tape had songs like Turn It Up (our very first music video (2009)) & Uganda Nka (which we letter remixed into Uganda Nka Remix (2010)). These songs were collections of songs we had been doing since 2007. Though we still have several unmet milestones, a lot has happened since that tape dropped. We have been blessed with opportunities that we had never imagined. We have travelled places, worked with Charity organizations, several performances & shows, recorded good collaborations and released the first ever EP (Set It Off EP) in Uganda (please allow us to brag a little 🙂 … very proud of this accomplishment!!…).

Early this year we got hungry for another mixtape in the midst of preparing for our very first Album (this is an exciting project!! — we will talk about this in another post). Back to the present though..the AfroMovement Mixtape is a very special to us. It is titled “AfroMovement” because it is a collaborative effort between Batabazi, other artists and producers who have either African roots or support the African Hip Hop Movement. The artists and the producers who have contributed to this project are individuals we know well and respect (some of whom we have worked with in the past e.g. Ewize, Wordstorm & Jackie Chandiru who featured on the Set It Off EP). Our goal is to spotlight in a small but significant way the talent and versatility that Afro Hip Hop has to offer.

The artists who contributed to this tape are:

  • Batabazi (Uganda & USA)
  • Jimmy D (Haiti) – “Runaway (Kanye West)”
  • J Pusha (Haiti) – “Pressure”
  • Wordstorm (Uganda & UK) – “For Your Own Safety”
  • Pl@y (Uganda) – “Excuse Me Sir (Mr. President)”
  • Ewize (Uganda & USA) – “Who Shot Ya”
  • Meelz (Haiti & USA) – “Fresher”
  • Debri (USA) – “Pressure”
  • Atlas da African (Uganda & Canada) – “Toronto2Boston”
  • Enygma (Uganda) – “African Mzungu”
  • Blu3 – Jackie Chandiru, Lilian Mbabazi, Edith Baganda (Uganda) – “Touch My Body”
The producers who either made the beats or mixed & mastered the tracks are:
  • The Mayor (Batabazi) (Uganda)
  • Hinga V (Uganda & USA)
  • Koz n’ Effekt (Uganda)
  • Oukinz (Uganda)
  • Samurae (Uganda)
  • Aydee (Uganda)
  • Bob Jameson (USA)
  • Kender (Uganda)
The Album artwork was done by a very talented Ugandan graphics artist, Jona Kagimba, a former schoolmate of two members of Batabazi (PG & Mayor).
This is only the beginning, we hope to expand on this project in the future and work with more hip hop artists, for now though we hope you will enjoy the tape as you await us to drop the Album in 2012. The mixtape is available for FREE download on DatPiff. Click HERE for your free download.

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