Hip Hop Is In Our Body Music Is In Our Soul!

The story behind the East Africa Cypher


“Hip Hop is in our body, Music is in our Soul”

“Hip Hop is in our body” – A group of guys used to frequently gather in a small basement in Watertown, Massachusetts and do nothing but freestyle and cypher, expressing themselves through free thought in Hip Hop. The year was 2007, when some of these guys decided to form a hip hop group known as “Batabazi Warriorz”. In 2009, the “warriorz” was truncated and they became known as “Batabazi” simply translated as wanderers or warriors and like they say, the rest is history.

“Music is in our soul” – Fast forward, Batabazi has shown their versatility by recording music traversing and fusing several genres such as Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae & Afrobeats. Such songs include, Turn it Up, Dirty Shame, Cheater, Sweep, Uganda Nka (remix), Buuka, Mikono Juu, This is Hip Hop, Binsobedde, Set it Off etc

“Hip Hop…

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