Hip Hop Is In Our Body Music Is In Our Soul!


Batabazi has two CDs under their belt so far.

  • January 2009:  Batabazi’s maiden mixtape aptly titled “Batabazi Mixtape” was released. It included tracks such as Life, Binsobedde, Mukwano Sembera, Nodd ya Head, Turn it Up, Uganda Nka, Kino Kika, Abatabazi, Can’t Hold Me Down, I Got Money (African Remix) etc
  • December 2010:  Batabazi released an 8-track EP titled “Set It Off EP.” This is a prelude to their upcoming album scheduled to be released in 2012. The EP  includes several brand new tracks and collaborations with popular Ugandan artists Jackie Chandiru (of Blu3), Ragga Dee and Navio. Also includes collaborations by two of Uganda’s hip hop pioneers, Wordstorm and E-Wise. The EP includes the following tracks: Get Yo Money, Dirty Shame, This is Hip Hop, Set It Off, Buuka, This Way, Sweep and Mikono Juu.

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