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EP Release Party

Set It Off Album Album Release Attracts Full House

Yesterday, Batabazi proved to all music stakeholders and critics that they have an actively growing fans base. This was at Club Rouge during Batabazi’s listeners release party. By 10:20pm, Club Rouge was filled with no breathing space as the party kicked off with great performances from Idtwins, Coco Finger, Bagzy Bonargie, Jackie Chandiru and Navio. Because it was their day, Batabazi allowed a few curtain raisers and then stepped on to stage with their club banger Buuka.

Buuka really set the pace for the Batabazi as many of the fans in the house gave a thrilling welcome to the Boston based Ugandan rappers. Jerome, PG and Tasha went on to sing some of the new songs on their Set it off album and a few old hits. These included Set it off, This right here, Dirty Shame and Turn it up. After almost an hour of amazing performance, Batabazi waved good bye, Dj Kuuz and Batenga The Myth took over with great music mixes.

Dj Kuuz once again proved that he has matured musically as his mixes spiced up the show. However, it was Dj Batenga The Myth who stole the show as her mixes could not leave anyone seated.

“This Batenga lady is really good at mixing zic (music)”, one Peter a fan present at the show noted. He added: “She stands a big threat to many of these Reggae-ton masters in town because her mixing is original”.

Batabazi yesterday set the pace on which all Ugandan musicians based in the Diaspora must move. Batabazi Listeners party was sponsored by HiPipo.com, Talent 256 and Base Entertainment.

Published on Hipipo.com December 29th 2010


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